Kim Singleton - Chairman

I have been beekeeping for 10 years running a small commercial operation of approximately 500 hives. We supply hives for the local kiwifruit growers in spring and target predominantly coastal honey varieties for a honey crop over summer. 

I live with my family on a sheep and beef farm that we manage in Maraetai east of Auckland. I became interested in beekeeping for the variety of lifestyle choices that it offered. I enjoy working outside in the remoter nooks and crannies where beehives are located, as well as meeting the genuine people who work in this industry. 

The beekeeping industry is experiencing challenges and change which makes it an interesting and stimulating environment to work in. As we move forward let's work together to make it even better than it is.

Kim Poynter

I am a Hobbyist beekeeper with 9 hives and have completed the Certificate in Apiculture. I have been beekeeping for almost five years.

I am a Registered Nurse and an owner operator of retirement villages and rest homes for 28 years. I have held governance positions in both public and private health and run a consultant services business within the aged care industry, covering structure, operations, financial and quality management.

As a founding member of the Rotorua Honey Bee club 3 years ago we currently have 100 family memberships and growing. As President of the club, I am actively involved in the meetings, field days, newsletter, community talks and facilitating the Intro courses offered.  I am a member of the NBA, Waikato Branch.

Beekeeping is my hobby and passion. Having quality education and support available to hobbyists is essential and I believe that as the majority of registered beekeepers are hobbyists, the emphasis on meeting those needs within the wider industry, must not be underestimated.

Peter Bell

My wife Ali and I run a beekeeping business in the beautiful Mackenzie Basin. Our 2000 hive operation is based in Twizel. We have three young adult boys.

I started working for Cloakes’ Honey in Timaru at the age of fourteen. Three years later I scored a good job managing 400 hives on Black Forest Station in the Mackenzie. I managed these hives for six years. In 1985 Ali and I bought the bee business from the Innes family and began operating out of Twizel. We are solely honey production; producing both cut comb and bulk honey.

I was elected onto the Twizel Community Board in 2008 and served two terms; the last three years as chairman.

I have been on the Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group Executive for five years and deputy chairman for two years. Federated Farmers is a very good organisation to be involved with.

I am a total supporter of a new industry body; bringing the whole industry together into a fully funded and new identity.

Allen McCaw

John Hartnell

I have a thirty year involvement in apiculture, including beekeeping, domestic and export packing, export development and sales. Since 1990, my business Hartnell & Associates Ltd. has been solely export driven with business relationships in Asia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

I am currently Chair of the Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group, and was a FF National Board Member from 2007-2011, responsible for Biosecurity, Food Safety and GMO portfolios, and the NAIT Stakeholder Governance Board.  I am also the Federated Farmers Earthquake Spokesperson & Coordinator for the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery programme - the Farmy Army.

My other business interests include aerial photography with Skyworks Canterbury, being the Chairman of NZ Tegel Poultry Growers Association, and working as a consultant to small/medium sized industry on business governance, staff management and future direction.

Ricki Leahy

I started from scratch with two hives and was a member of the Christchurch Beekeepers Club which gave me an invaluable start to my beekeeping career.

Now I am a commercial beekeeper, have lived in Murchison for thirty years and successfully operating 2000 hives in the Buller Region of the South Island. We produce honey dew, multi floral bush honey and some manuka, raise most of our own queens and migrate our bees from the coast through to the high country.

I have always been a member of the NBA and indeed also of the FF BIG. I value keeping in contact with the many very good BIG and NBA beekeepers through my memberships. The Nelson Branch of the NBA however has been my 'stamping' ground and I have for a long time been attending Branch meetings and taking an active part.

I was elected onto the NBA Executive Council as the Upper South Island Rep in August 2012 and feel that since then I have developed a very clear understanding of the issues our industry is facing.

I am currently the President of the National Beekeepers Association.

Dennis Crowley

I am a Kiwifruit and Avocado pollinator as well as bulk honey producer. I have been President of the NBA Bay of Plenty branch for the last six or so years, and have been an NBA Executive Council member for the last three years.

I have been beekeeping for nearly twenty years. When I started we had one organisation to which we all belonged, the NBA.

We are now reaping the rewards of the things the NBA along with members of the honey marketing and science discovered around manuka and its properties, selling our honeys as individual flavours rather than blends and all the other health products we see on the shelves today.

It happened not because we were the NBA but because we were united as beekeepers. There was still a lot that we could/should have done, but we got side tracked. Now it is time to get back on track, come together and direct this industry into the next fifty years plus. We have a good product and story – let’s tell it together.

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